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Euromobil Group quality

A culture of excellence,
design and production 100% made in Italy,
eco-sustainability and cutting edge technologies

A new interior decor idea for coordinated and distinctive designer furniture in a total home.

Total Home Design is the exclusive furnishing project of Casa Totale, 100% made in Italy, by Gruppo Euromobil.
Thanks to flexible systems and to Euromobil, Zalf and Désirée's brand collections, it allows to design furnishing solutions for all areas in the house . Spaces are connected to each other through the furniture in a harmonious and coordinated way, creating a unique theme throughout the house.

By means of the solutions designed and produced by the three companies of the Group (Euromobil: kitchen and living; Désirée: sofas, armchairs and beds; Zalf: day, night, children and teenagers), your home will boast a coherent style and every single room will be ideally linked to each other, mirroring the personal taste of its dwellers.
The available furniture combinations are endless because all accessories, finishes and materials can be matched and integrated as desired, achieving an extremely elegant and stylish result, without neglecting functionality and the highest comfort.

Total Home Design can satisfy all kinds of need: whether you have a house or an apartment, in the city, in the countryside, at the beach or in the mountains, every room, big or small, will be deeply interconnected to each other through a sort of organic continuum, attaining perfect harmony at affordable prices.

Euromobil Group quality

  • Design, engineering and production
    100% made in Italy
  • Concealed construction quality
    and innovative mechanisms
  • Excellent production
  • UNI EN 14749
    certified safety The company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001
    modular furniture for the living and sleeping area
  • Ecological panel with exceptionally low
    formaldehyde emissions
  • The house of your dreams:
    the design at accessible cost

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The secret to having a coordinated and functional furnishing
is the organization of space. With the right design and the attention
to detail you can furnish your home reflecting your style.

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A new interior decor idea for coordinated
and distinctive designer furniture in a total home
100% made in Italy, by Gruppo Euromobil.

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