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Our house is not just a collection of inanimate objects enclosed within its four walls:
it actually represents our safe haven, our nest.
The house in which we live is at one with us and it even resembles us a bit.
We furnish and personalise it in order to make it comfortable, functional and beautiful.
Everyone does this following their personal style and needs.
Conceived with the goal to offer a showcase for our customers' homes, #Casedafan
is the community of Zalf furniture, Euromobil kitchens and Désirée sofas,
the three brands of the Group.
#Casedafan is a place in which everybody can show their designer's skills,
the solutions they have chosen, the colour combinations &hellip or simply
the room in their house that they love the most. It is a community for all customers of Gruppo Euromobil with a strong passion for their home and for interior design.

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The secret to having a coordinated and functional furnishing
is the organization of space. With the right design and the attention
to detail you can furnish your home reflecting your style.

Free project


A new interior decor idea for coordinated
and distinctive designer furniture in a total home
100% made in Italy, by Gruppo Euromobil.

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